Breakfast Sliders

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Breakfast Sliders

for twelve slides
  • twelve Hawaiian dinner rolls or dessert rolls
  • nine scrambled eggs
  • six pork chops
  • six slices white cheddar cheese
  • six pieces of cooked bacon
  • three ounces baby spinach (fifteen g)
  • two tablespoons melted butter
  • one teaspoon black pepper
Heat oven three hundred fifty °F (one hundred eighty °C).
Cut the rolls in half lengthwise. Place the bottom half into a nine by thirteen inch (twenty three by thirty three cm) frame baking dish. Spread the eggs evenly over the rolls, then add the meat, cheese and spinach. Click with the remaining scrolls.
Brush the surface of the rolls with melted butter and sprinkle pepper over them. Baking for twenty min, or to bread is golden brown. Cut it into individual slices, then serve.

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