Crispy Hashbrown and Sausage Bites

Crispy Hashbrown and Sausage Bites
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  •  8 ounces softened cream cheese
  •  4 cups frozen shredded hash browns
  • 1 pound ground breakfast sausage
  • 1 ½ cups Bisquick
  •  1 ½ cups shredded cheddar cheese


FIRST STEP: Turn the oven on to 400°F.

Put parchment paper on a baking sheet.

Step 2: Mix the sausage, softened cream cheese, cheddar cheese, hash browns, and Bisquick together in a bowl.

Stir until everything is well mixed.

THIRD STEP: Make 1 1/2-inch balls with a scoop or your hands and put them on a baking sheet.

Bake for 20–25 minutes, or until everything is done.

Serve, and have fun!

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