Easy Peasy Rice crispy recipe

Easy Peasy Rice crispy recipe
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Easy Peasy Rice crispy recipe

  • fifty g of butter or margarine
  • three hundred fifty g marshmallows (if you’re feeling adventurous, try a flavored variety!)
  • two hundred thirty g Rice Krispies If you don’t have Rice Krispies, then Coco Pops work just as well and add a nice chocolatey element to the recipe.
  • Edible glitter, sprinkle
  • saucepan
  • mixing spoon/wooden spoon
  • paper
  • baking tray
1) Turn on your gas hob and over low heat, gently melt the butter in your saucepan. Be careful not to let the butter bubble, simmer or burn (this part is probably best done by the adult)
2) Next, adding your marshmallows & letting them melt in butter. Be sure to stir them constantly so they don’t burn or stick to the sides of the pan
3) Remove your pan from the gas, turn off the gas and place the pan on your warming rack
4) Then add the Rice Krispies to your delicious gooey marshmallow mixture, stirring thoroughly
5) Once everything is mixed, take your baking sheet and gently put the mixture on it. You may need to use extra spoons and forks to scoop out all the mixture and put it in the tray. Make sure you have pressed everything firmly and flat into the tray (especially the corners)
6) If using additional toppings, sprinkle them on top and let cool until completely firm.
7) Cut your tasty treats into bite-sized pieces. If you have shaped cookie cutters, use them to add fun to your creation.
8) Try not to eat it all at once!
Enjoy !

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