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Ingredients :
  • sugar ( two hundred fifty g)
  • butter (two hundred fifty g)
  • Flour (three hundred fifty g)
  • lemon (one)
  • tsp-yeast (one)
  • egg ( four )
STEP one
Mix well the sugar and the creamed butter. Then add the whole eggs, zest and juice. Mix and finally add the flour, baking powder and a little milk. Pour to  cake tin, buttered also floured. In the oven, thermostat six to seven for one hour, gas oven (electric oven thermostat 5-6)
STEP two
Unmold the cake when it comes out of the oven. Let cool.
STEP three
Glaze it with other half of lemon juice blended with icing sugar. It should be quite thick. This icing needs to be heated very slightly.

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