Lemon Cake Recipe

Lemon Cake Recipe
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Lemon Cake Recipe

Ingredients :
  • one hundred twenty five g flour
  • two hundred twenty  g of sugar
  • one packet of baking powder
  • one pinch of salt
  • ten cl of oil
  • one untreated lemon
  • three eggs
STEP one
Mix flour, sugar, yeast and salt. Add eggs and oil. Mix quickly until you obtain an almost homogeneous paste.
step two
With a grater or a zester, collect the lemon zest, to add to the dough.
STEP three
Squeeze lemon also pour juice to mixture. If possible, add the pulp (but not the seeds!).
STEP four
Mix until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste.
STEP five
Butter a baking dish and pour the batter into it.
STEP six
Bake for about twenty five  minutes at two hundred °C (thermostat 6-7).

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