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Ingredients :
  • three ribs
  • one teaspoon salt for basic flavor for steak,
  • half tablespoon for zest,
  • mushrooms,
  •   one teaspoon for cream sauce
  • two teaspoons black pepper, plus mushrooms, plus 1 teaspoon cream sauce
  • two teaspoons garlic powder
  • two teaspoons of sweet pepper
  • Whole mushrooms, as much as you need to serve
  • olive oil for seasoning mushrooms
  • one cup heavy cream
  • one teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1/3 cup cheddar mozzarella cheese
  • one tablespoon of butter.
Methods  :
Remove the steaks 2 hours before cooking and sprinkle with one teaspoon of appropriate salt, then cover with baking paper at that point. Put them in the ice box for about two hours. This will removing excess moisture from meat.
Remove the steaks from the ice box and discard the paper. Wipe them off. Mix each of the dry flavors together with half tablespoon of the salt. Sprinkle lightly on each side of the steak (use about a portion of the mixture completely dry). Pass to stay at room temperature for twenty minutes.
Meanwhile, we take whole mushrooms, sprinkle them with olive oil, put them in the roaster for 20 minutes. At the tenth moment, add salt and pepper, simply sprinkling lightly.
Heat the grill to three hundred seventy five degrees Fahrenheit, and meanwhile, heat a cast iron skillet on the stovetop over medium-high heat. Sprinkle excess dry flavorings uniformly over steaks. Sear each side of the steak for the possible minutes per side. Place the holder in the stove. Heat it for two minutes, then turn off the oven at this point. Let the steaks simmer for another six to eight minutes.
Discard the steaks and let them rest. While they are resting, take the pan in which you cooked the steaks and place them on the stove over medium heat. Add cream, salt, pepper, lemon juice and mozzarella. mix up. When everything is combined, add margarine and kill the mood. Mix until the fat is dissolved.
Put the steak on a plate and put the mushrooms on top, then decorate with cream sauce. Served with vegetables.
Enjoy !

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