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  • one big rib steak of four hundred g or two beef rib steaks of two hundred twenty g
  • one sprig of clean thyme
  • one tablespoon oil
  • one knob of butter
  • Salt and pepper from the mill
Take the beef out of the refrigerator as a minimum an hour earlier than cooking.
Choose a skillet the scale of the steaks to be cooked, however no larger.
Melt the butter and oil mix to have a completely warm pan earlier than laying the beef. Place the beef at the very warm pan and flow it in order that it does now no longer stick.
Place a twig of thyme or first-rate herbs on the beef even as cooking the primary side.
Depending at the thickness of the beef and the preferred doneness (brown, rare, cooked) cook for two to ten mins in step with side. Usually five mins is plenty.
Once the preferred doneness is reached, permit relaxation for five mins below aluminum foil to permit the beef loosen up even as maintaining its warmth earlier than serving.
Enjoy !

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