The three ingredients mixed - a recipe that will make your house smell so amazing, your neighbors will envy you

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A great blend that guarantees you an incredible scent at home
ingredients :
  • one bicarbonate of soda
  • softener
  • three cups of water
  • one  vaporizer
step one heat the water. Pour the fabric softener into the spray bottle and add the water once it is hot.
Add baking soda at the end and close it. Shake well to get all the ingredients together and your natural air freshener is ready to use.
#So you can clean your house as usual and then spray this mixture all over the house.
#Spray it in corners, in the kitchen, in bathrooms, everywhere.
#Make sure to shake the bottle well before use, you will be amazed at the intensity and richness of the aromas of your mixture.
#This homemade air freshener will make you smell great without harming your health or the health of your family.
#You can use it freely knowing that it does not pose any danger.
#You can now use the air freshener as often as you want.
Enjoy !

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